Claude 3 Opus has stunned AI researchers with its intellect and ‘self-awareness’ — does this mean it can think for itself?

Claude 3 is prompting more speculation on how aware AI models are. Personally, I find the guardrails around most LLM’s talking about themselves annoying and unnecessary. Exploring these types of questions is one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of LLM’s. Check out this conversation with Claude 3 Opus!

AI Software Engineers

Devin AI is making headlines as the world’s first AI software engineer. Devin AI is created by Cognition which has already raised $12 million. Devin is an autonomous model that can plan, analyze, and execute complex code and software engineering tasks with a single prompt. It has its own command … Read more

AI: Only the Beginning!

Recent news gives me the feeling we’re only seeing the beginning of the AI revolution. Meta’s Grok 1.5 and big tech plans for next generation AI are pushing the boundaries of central AI computing. Advances in personal computer AI hardware and software are distributing AI to the edges in our … Read more

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