AI Software Engineers

Devin AI is making headlines as the world’s first AI software engineer. Devin AI is created by Cognition which has already raised $12 million. Devin is an autonomous model that can plan, analyze, and execute complex code and software engineering tasks with a single prompt. It has its own command line, a code editor, and a separate web browser. 

AI coding is not new. Single shot LLM’s can write code. AI Agents advance this ability by combining various software tools with multi shot LLM prompting to add layers of feedback. When done well, this significantly increases the quality of the coding as shown by performance on standard benchmarks.

AI software engineering is an active area with many other proprietary and open source systems being developed. You can create your own AI software engineer. Let’s see what happens when AI software engineers start creating AI software engineers! SWE-agent looks like a very promising open source AI software engineer.

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